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Get medical training and earn certifications for the most popular treatments at one location.
  • Botox®
  • O-Shot®
  • P-Shot®
  • X-Shot®
  • GAINSWave®
and more.

Soni Medical Innovations

Personal training from a pioneer in anti-aging and stem cell medicine.

  • Small class sizes

  • Most popular procedures

  • Hands On Training

  • Training at your office

  • Certifications

  • CUEs

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Learn PRP Preparation Learn PRP Hair Restoration Learn PRP Facials Learn PRP Knee Treatments X-Shot logo

Basic Training

PRPExosomePatient Preparation

  1. Essentials
    1. Blunt Cannula training
    2. Facial nerve block training
    3. PRP Preparation
    4. Exosome Preparation
    5. X-Shot® Preparation
    6. Stem Cell Preparation
  2. PRP Face Lift with Bio-fillers (organic/Natural)
  3. Vampire Breast Lift®
  4. Sexual Wellness
    1. Female: O-Shot®
    2. Male: P-Shot®
  5. PRP Nebulizer for damaged lungs
  6. PRP for receding gums (dental)
  7. PRP for joint injections (avoid surgery)
  8. PRP for non-healing wounds
  9. Stem Cell Harvesting / Cultivating

Advanced Training

Sexual Wellness
Joint Injections
Stem Cells

  1. Cosmetic
    1. Botox® Face Lift
    2. Vampire Face Lift®
    3. Filler
    4. PDO Threads
    5. Micro-needling
    6. Hair Restoration
    7. Hair Transplant
    8. SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)
    9. Liposuction
    10. Fat Transfer to face
    11. Fat Transfer to breast
    12. Fat Transfer to butt
  2. Sexual Wellness
    1. Gainswave® For Him
    2. Femiwave® / Gainswave® For Her
    3. O-Shot®
    4. P-Shot®
    5. Testosterone Pellets
  3. Joint Injections (sono-guided)
    1. PRP, X-Shot®, Stem Cells (BMA), Exosomes
    2. Nano Fat (Adipose Stem Cells)
    3. Steroid Injections with Synvisc

Learn Botox Learn Liposuction Learn Hair Transplantation Learn Testosterone Pellets GainsWave logo O Shot Logo P Shot Logo

Reserve Your Courses

Essentials Courses are $999 for the first course and $750 for each additional.
Basic Training Courses Start at $2,499 for the first course and $1,999 for each additional course scheduled.

Advanced Training Courses start at $3,999 for the first course and $3,499 for each additional.

A $1,000 deposit will be collected at the time of order and you will be provided with the prerequisites for your selected courses.

**Physicians will receive certifications from the courses that have certifications available, Gainswave®, O-Shot®, P-Shot®, etc. The use of registered trademarks in your advertising and offering trademarked procedures to the public requires subscriptions to the licensing entities provided with their respective courses. Each trademarked procedure has its own pricing.


Basic Training

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Sexual Wellness

Joint Injections


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